God so true. I can't stand parents that don't get involved with their kids! Working and surviving is one thing but moms who would rather party all day or use their kids to win arguments make me sick. You chose to have a child they didn't choose to be born so grow the f up and give them the love they deserve!!

Love this

And all Gods people said... AMEN


I need to keep this posted where I can see it every day.

I need to remember this

Very true - children see everything!

So true


Children will not remember you for the material things....

great reminder

remember remember remember

Write it down. Pin it up on your desk. Put it by the sink. Leave it on your iPhone. Remember it often. Love my girls!


I love this!

Children don't remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are. You inspire them when you live true to yourself.

this is true

Positive parenting. We all need a little reminder now and then.

Truth be told

Listen to your children, no matter how little or big