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Well... Marinettes hair needs to be bluish and darker and adriens hair needs to be more yellowish and bright but they still look cute together.

Don't call me beautiful... I don't care, tell me I'm intelligent tell me my smile is contagious. Make me feel like I have something to offer..

New Elsa has sass. We can keep her. << First, this comment xD Second, I think she looks like Elsa! I mean as much as a real person can look like an animated character, right? ;)

WHAT?! ARIS AND JANSON ARE PRETTY GOOD! but I imagined Jorge waaayyyyyy younger o-o like around 19.. Brenda idk I pictured a lot differently

Started watching Buffy again and im still in live with Spike...."James Marsters...Buffy, Angel, AND Torchwood. One of the best "put on" English accents ever."