Amen and Amen

Funny Stuff - This is one of my pet peeves. Looks as if this dog will bite the other driver. In that case, for the pain, the driver will need pain lotion. I recommend this lotion

Funny thing about my's definitely my cats that wake me up daily. And that's generally the look on my face!

fun label. like.

I put Red Bull in my coffee pot this morning instead of water. Right now, I can see noises. #Coffee #Redbull

I wish the world could laugh a little more.

My cup of care

Oh thats funny

yes it is.

Hahaha @Amy Sensiba

Starbucks emergency inhaler.. @Amy Sensiba

Read this amazing, hilarious cake story.

Umm Living room needs a new pillow ;) One of the most original things I've heard in forever!

dirty rotten middle finger! :o

LOLOL...this is so true

Cats in bikinis.

Rolling on the Floor Laughing! OMG

We're doing our part to keep coffee drinkers healthy!