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    • Yolanda Thomas

      You Never Know how STRONG you are until being STRONG is the only choice you have ...SO TRUE!! #quotes #saying #motivation #inspiration #wisdom #wordart #wallart......i'm living proof of this right now

    • Korita PL

      You Never Know how STRONG you are until being STRONG is the only choice you have ... #quotes #saying #motivation #inspiration #wisdom

    • Allison Larsen

      I think this quote speaks the truth about life now a days. I'm grateful I've been able to adjust to living this way for the last few years.

    • GKMS WIN

      This quote sums up the main character perfectly. She is forced to live up her own expectations of life by trying her hardest to get to the University. And to do that she needs to be strong if she wants to see her family again.

    • Melissa Alcruz

      You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have ... quotes. wisdom. advice. life lessons. motivation. inspiration.

    • Kelly DeFord Chitwood

      inspirational divorce quotes sayings | Words to Live By! Our Favourite Inspirational Divorce Quotes

    • Jill Strunk

      @Keri Strunk- thought of you when saw this, love you! Be Strong. #laylagrayce #quote

    • Avery Jane

      Mini Essay by Michelle Bottenberg Isn't this the truth? I think I have been through more adversity than most women my age. I'm not saying this from an "ego base of 'specialness." I've lost both my parents in my young thirties, in addition to my brother due to cancer, I grew up in a dysfunctional (who hasn't) growing up with alcoholic parents. I was neglected as my parents spent their evening at the bar. I learned to cook for myself, find resources for help at a young age, and it's made me very independent and creative. For many years I was an angry person, especially if I became friends with a "blessed normal human being." lol. I was mad at God for my fate versus others who seem to have an easier go with less challenges in their life. But I have since come to the realization that the strife I have experienced during my childhood, teens and even adulthood has led me to become a stronger person. I also have an innate ability to sense pain and suffering in others even when they may be trying to shelter those feelings, especially with children and teenagers. I attribute this "innate sense" to the pain and suffering of others due to living with adversity as a young child, teenager, and from the poor life choices I have made~ that led to bad consequences. I think too much adversity "sucks." I really do. Especially when you are knee deep in it. But once you work through that strife a more empathetic person emerges. And each crisis becomes easier to handle. And branching out to others who are suffering, instead of walking by and avoiding eye contact is no longer an option. I truly believe we are here on Earth to serve others and not judge others (except of course a serial killer/rapist that can't be rehabilitated). Jesus said, "forgive those because they know not what they have done." I try to live my life helping others in need and not turning my head away from somebody in pain. I feel strong- for today.

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    Strong. how strong.


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    Love of a mother #single mother

    One of my best supervisors said I didn't need to "explain myself," I could / should just explain the situation. 1.29.14


    Isn't this the truth?

    10 Quotes to Inspire Your Life… Today, Tomorrow…Don’t Lose Hope (You Never Know What Tomorrow Will Bring)! #Inspiration #Motivation #Quote #Hope -


    Powerful and true words.. sometimes you just have to find the strength to do it