veggie butts make rosy stationary!

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Take a sticky roll lint remover, add some raised craft foam shapes and you have a great new way to stamp out some art!


apple stamps

Signature Stamp Tutorial

This is pretty cool! I think I just might have some fabric laying around too! LOL!

Okra ink stamp! Pretty!

Treat your valentine with something sweet using the pillow gift box tool from Martha Stewart Crafts

DIY: lace printing #tutorial #crafts #stamping

Kinda genius. Celery!?

DIY Distilled water + silk flowers + dollar store vases. Cheap and Easy

#DIY: For one of those days where I have lots of time and want to use up some of my card stock :) DIY paper Camellias flower tutorial #DIYs ~ @liag

if your shorts are too tight just cut the seem and insert lace!

DIY necklace using vintage buttons

yep, the kids would love this! probably wouldn't be able to use a hammer though . . .

34 things you can improve with a Sharpie - some fun ideas here that can also keep your tweens and teens occupied!

Carve wine corks into stamps! ... I'm thinking {with the abundance of wine corks I have} it'd be fun to carve initials or significant shapes and tying them to wrapped gifts for my loves. They can use the stamps as envelope seals, letter signatures, etc...

for the day i have an address longer than a year

DIY Multi Color Candle