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Forever My Always- Home Decor Wooden Sign - Typography Word Art - Wedding Decor - Anniversary - Wall Sign - You Pick Colors

you will forever be my always.

Isn't this a great sentiment for your Anniversary or a wedding card or as you see it here, on your wall? "You will forever be my always" (re-pinned)

,, The face can speak a thousand emotions, but it can easily mask what the heart truly feels. Don't be fooled for happiest face may be masking the most hurting heart. ,,.s ):

I've cried so much today...I thought some music would help but it just made it worse...this explains it.

We are mosaics, pieces of Light, Love, History, Stars .. glued together with Magic and Music and Words.

Honestly, besides the "thinking to much" part, this sounds like my ideal day.

Charles Bukowski. philosophically deep. think about it. where do passionate design, voluptuous music, boisterous personalities, colorful art, heart-wrenching acting, writing that moves you to tears, where does this come from?....harness that hell, that existential pain and intense feeling, the beauty of life itself...and burn it as fuel. the oyster's pearl would never exist without the annoying piece of sand. transform your life experience and pain into gold, whatever your art/medium

in order to lead a fascinating life - one brimming with art, music, intrigue and romance ♥ words to live by.

maybe it does when I get my favorite song on iTunes and listen to it so many times that I begin to hate it...