Paris computer games store. In fact, the floor is absolutely flat.

Everyone should know how to do this - For you Stephanie

What better way to get your customers' attention than with a cleverly designed floor? This particular computer store is located in Paris, France and boasts a carpet design that makes you feel like you're about to step into a wormhole. Continue reading for another picture and a bonus video.

Vintage Paris Travel Poster. Paris via Constellation. World leader in speed, comfort, safety. One of more than 100 #vintage #retro #travel posters available from piddix for licensing. PDXC8431

home theater with an outside street scene. I'd put a concession stand in one store front, movie storage in another

Roca Tile Wood Look Porcelain Botania Series if you wish to have underfloor heating and a wood look floor, then this is a good option.

Fabulous faux marquetry project by Joanie Valenti using Modello® Designs masking stencils and stains for the effect. Learn how to create your own with the Modello Marquetry Manual - attractive price AND results!

The most interesting word in the English language...

Curtain Door by Matharoo Associates. Comprised of 40 sections of teak, it integrates a pulley system that would allow the door to be opened like a curtain.

Optical Illusion Floor

These are great.

Fun facts!

random facts pictures

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CRAZINESS about lincoln and kennedy


Optical illusion

The human body

Should have this everywhere!!!! Yes, I'd certainly use the 'fast' way down!


Build Your Own Log Splitter