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Setting - cigarette smoke with flash of neon lights, sickly color in the blackness

#Smoke #weed

ganja-girls smoke weed bong pipe ring

Smoke Tricks || Smoke Rings || Shisha Shop, 11-13 Fairways Business Park, Lammas Road, London E10 7QB 020 8133 3263. #shisha #coals #hookah #shishaflavours #smoke #trick #mustache #heart #waterfall #Irish #flavours

Mermaid illustration

Cate Parr -- Watercolor Fashion Illustration, Print of Watercolor Painting, titled - Rosa.

Mexican textile – zarapes! Zarapes, pronounced “serapes” in English, are brightly coloured Mexican blankets with fringed ends that are typically worn by Mexican men on one shoulder. Traditional zarapes are made in the North-East Mexican state of Coahuila and often feature a black or dark base with stripes of intense colour. It’s amazing just how many colour combinations and patterns are possible in this inspiring woven art.

She's Smoke'n

Rainbow smoke, definitely an argument for the age old debate, "does smoking make you cool?"

very cool

no fucks shall be given ( marijuana cannabis )

Rainbow smoke


I chose this image as i think that the colours of oil is very unique and interesting as it is of many colours merged together.

Why is smoke so cool? Not smoking. Not cigarettes. Just smoke. So awesome.

Ruth S Harris Watercolor Beautiful