Painted bread (milk and food coloring) then toasted!

How to make edible milk paint to make rainbow toast

What a fun memory! Painted bread (milk + food coloring) then toast it or bake it in the oven. What fun!!! Afternoon activity!

HOW TO: Make Rainbow Pasta. Kids will love this!!!!

Pancake mix + food coloring = Awesome ness

Apple sandwiches -fun afternoon snack!

Inject some food coloring into lemons and they completely change colors!

too cute not to remember!

French toast roll up.

How To Make Colorful Easter Eggs

DIY kids paint. (It would take my family 10 years to accumulate this many ketchup bottles. I'll have to fine something else to put it in.)

What a fun lunch kabob!

Kool-AID slime (Borax free, edible!) Kid safe. Uses metamucil, koolaid, water, food coloring.

Kid fun!

How to convert regular cake mix to EasyBake portions...goodbye over-priced EasyBake mix ;)

The Settle Down Jar - Tell child that they need a break and may come back when everything has settled to the bottom. :) Let them choose their favorite color!

Breadstick Snails Recipe

Window art


This is the BEST EVER homemade playdough recipe! This is better than the real thing and all ingredients you have in your pantry!

Only two ingredients and an endless day of play.