Scan projects and artwork, create a photobook at the end of the school year.

Scan or take photos of art work and writings — Book of School Projects. Love love love this idea- JO

GENIUS!!! an app that photographs and archives your kids' art, and then you can print a coffee table book of the collection. i'm in love!

art work coffee table book

Kids' Keepsake Boxes Categories: - Birthday Cards - Report Cards - Artwork - School Pictures - Toddler - Preschool - 1st – 12th Grades (1 file for each) - Academic Awards - Athletic Awards - Dance - Cheer - Sports - Theater - Misc Awards - Gymnastics

Photo book of children's artwork. love this - never know what to do with all the artwork!

A friend told me they do an art binder at her daughter's school. I started one for my daughter. I separate them by month with her school calendars and highlights. I love the idea!

This girl had the BEST IDEA!!! She said, "My son is in preschool and the adorable art work is pouring in. I know he isn't going to want all these old papers when he is older so I am taking a picture of everything, keeping my very favorites to display at holidays or in a scrapbook and everything else just has to go. I found this amazing idea for displaying his artwork using the photos I have taken.

If you like to order photobooks...this blog is excellent. She compares 12 different companies shows the difference between each one.

20 QUESTIONS to ask kids every year on their birthdays! A neat thing to look back on.

Scan your kids' artwork into a book so you don't have to keep 1,000 pieces of paper forever. I've had this on my to-do list forever.

Scan children's art work and then print out in smaller size. Frame.

Your child's drawing on key chain for DAD. I need to remember this...

Scan or photograph your child's school artwork and display as a framed collage.

20 Mommy-Daughter Date Ideas. I'll need this in a few years

Love this idea!

First day of school

keep a sample of childs signature every school year... This is cute


First/Last day of school idea