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Yesss. What me and my brother look like doing a hand stand in the pool! He can never get his legs straight. Lol

"A true friend accepts you for who you are, but also helps you become who you should be." I'm so lucky for meeting Amy how I did. Medic school and the drive to and from wouldn't have been even a fraction as fun without her. #BestFriend #Friendship #Quote #FriendshipQuote #BFF #Bestie #FriendsForever #TrueFriend #Growth #Life

two of my favorites love and the ocean!!!! will SO try to convince family to do this on our vacation this summer!

bellaMUMMAfrom bellaMUMMA


best friends.--can not wait to go to the lake this summer!!!!!!!

swimming in the clouds; never seen anything like this but I want to

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Backflip, summer, lake, best friends! @Madi Smoot Smoot Smoot Olson we are so doing this this summer!

"Your best friends make the bad times and the good times unforgettable" I always love that quote and for me its a really big truth.

Create memories that last years with a best friend photo shoot! [ ] #summer #bikini #elegance

Because sometimes you want to get a lil sandy!! #beach #sand #summer