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Explore Ethnic Identities, Arizona Copper, and more!

Undermining Race: Ethnic Identities in Arizona Copper Camps, 1880-1920 (2009), by Phylis Martinelli, Professor and department chair of Sociology.


Plato's Cratylus: Argument, Form, and Structure (2005) by Michael W. Riley, Directory and Chair of the Integral Program

Financial crises and recession in the global economy (2009) / Roy E. Allen. Roy Allen is a professor with the Economics department.


The oxygen cost of ventilation and its effect on the VO2 plateau: Interpreting VO2max (2009) / Derek Marks, Associate Professor of Kinesiology.

A Knife in Clear Water and other Stories (2012) / by Shi Shuqing and others; translated by Vivian H. Zhang. Vivian Zhang is a professor in the Modern Languages department.

In Time's Rift : poems = Im Zeitspalt (2012) / Ernst Meister; translated by Graham Foust and Samuel Frederick. Graham Foust is a professor with the English department.