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Beautiful lace knitted shawl,knitted into it 162 real freshwater pearls.

Seascape Stole, by Kieran Foley ~~ free something blue by mary.w.e, via Flickr

I've been looking for a project for a single skein

This would be perfect in some lovely cream-colored cashmere I'm recycling. It'd make a wonderful shawlette/scarf.

Toe-up lace sock. Possible pattern for KP Merlot Heather. This is the one, I pinned it twice.

Get a taste of heaven on earth with this free knitting pattern for the Angel Shawl. It's light, elegant and perfect for summer.

Mommy will be doing this for me. Love these. Taller ones would be PRECIOUS peeking over those masculine fall boots when the weather gets crisp.

Description of pattern: Apis Dorsata Laboriosa (a.k.a. the Himalayan honey bee) dwells in the mountains of Bhutan, Nepal, China, and India. These giant bees build large yellow and golden honeycombs that hang down from the cliffs. This scarf is inspired by the workmanship of the bees.

light & beautiful free pattern at this address:

Finally going to use that sock yarn I bought 3 years ago