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Face Mapping Will Help You Understand All Your Breakouts

Face Mapping 101 - How to Pinpoint The Cause of Your Breakouts | @StyleCaster

17 Gorgeous Fall Makeup Ideas That Will Make You Shine Among All

Fall is a glorious time of the year. For one, you’re excited that you’ve finally stopped sweating enough to wear all of your favorite fall clothing, but why stop there when you can incorporate those autumnal colors into your makeup routine too? Think of all the burnt orange, burgundy, and gorgeous chocolate brown shades you …

Good long brows - just be careful not to go too thin on the ends. I like this photo because it shows that hairs toward the center of the nose, even though they go in the "wrong" direction doesn't mean remove or take them out. Removing hair highlights that area. Nice shadowing/shading of the brow also!


These nail trends were spotted on the runway shows and we will be popular during the whole year round. Find out which are they and do not hesitate to try all of them as soon as possible. browse for more. Enjoy in Photos!

This little guy has really changed my life completely. I'm still wearing 'some' Pink but I now wear green, blue, yellow. On the other hand, my Mother just bought my sweet baby a Pink rattle. SP just threw it across the room.................