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    Rubbing alcohol and scrapbook paper, it transfers the designs onto your nails. I'll have to try this



    • Kim

      with rubbing alcohol and scrapbook paper you can have some awesome nails!! This might be my motivation to keep my fingernails long.

    • Kate Dooley

      okay, i HATE all the pins about fingernail polish... but this is a great idea! Rubbing alcohol and scrapbook paper for awesome nails. Interesting.

    • Antigone

      Print image, dip light colored polish finger nail in alcohol, then press printed image onto nail.

    • Casey Meginnes

      DIY Nail Design *Rubbing alcohol and scrapbook paper transfers the designs onto your nails.

    • Alfreda Hester

      Art With rubbing alcohol and scrapbook paper you can have some awesome nails! nail-art

    • Marissa Arnold

      Rubbing alcohol and scrapbook paper; transfers the designs onto your nails #nails

    • Stacee Lashell

      Art rubbing alcohol and scrapbook paper nails-nails-nails

    • Sarah Huber

      Fun nails! To begin with, you will need the following: light color nail polish (white, light pink, cream, pale green, light turquoise, you get the idea….) rubbing alcohol small cup (I used a medicine cup.) digital supplies (laser print or copy) nail polish topcoat 1) Before getting started, quickly measure your fingernails. This doesn’t need to be precise, but it’s nice to have a general idea. 2) Open a new Photoshop document and create for yourself 10-15 boxes that are a little larger than your nails. My boxes were sized at 3/4 inch square. (In a perfect world, you’ll just need the 10, but make a couple extra just in case.) 4) Print your page. (I have only tried this project with a laser print and I do not know if it will work with an ink-jet copy.) Cut out all squares and set aside. 5) Paint your nails with your light colored nail polish. You’ll likely need a couple coats. You want to have a nice opaque canvas. Let nails dry thorough

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    SAY WHAT?!: Ever wanted to paint pretty designs on your nails and then realized that it was impossible to do yourself because you have a dominant hand? Well here's a solution!! Paint the designs onto a ziploc bag and then peel them off and place them on your nail!! Finish with top coat. SHUT the front door.

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    Have picture you want on your nails printed on paper, and after you apply base colour dip your nail in rubbing alcohol, press picture down for 60 seconds and peel back. taa daa!

    How to do this: Paint your nails white/cream and let dry. Soak nails in rubbing alcohol for five minutes, then press down on map, newsprint or patterned scrapbook paper. The design will rub off onto nails.

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