I requested minions of darkness, you just gave me fluffy jellybeans.


Hahaha now I wish I had a cat

This little ferret is so adorable!


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'Hes' a cat....'

A fluffy milk horse to cheer up your day.

Disney Stained Glass. Pocahontas, Giselle, Kida, Esmerelda, Ursula, Meg, Jessica, Jessie, Tinker Bell, Aladdin, Mother Gothel, Jane, Cora, Tarzan, Elastagirl, Ariel, Evil Queen (SW), Snow White, Belle, the Beast, Rapunzel, Aurora, Mulan Jasmine, Alice, Peter Pan, Tiana, Maleficent, Sally, Cinderella

This is too funny!

funny cat jokes pics

Bahahaha!! I can't stop watching!!

That face is killing me. LOLOLOL!!!!!!! That cat's face is the FUNNEST thing I have EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Kelsie Pinckard Clegg haha

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I love it! Cats are funny.