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DONE! although I don't really think this should be on the list of things to do before you die. there are so many more important things

I've seen him in concert... but I want to see him in a small, intimate venue instead of a large stadium.

mudd wrestle :], i have done this before andd wouldd love to do it again, lol.

done...but would do it a million times over again...and pain au chocolat

Ahhh please... I'd love to have a whole closet full of products that I can pamper myself with

I've technically got this ... but shoes are my obsession and I will never have too many :)

briefly. very, very briefly. not a huge fan of crowds...or shopping...hahaha

I have been trying to convince my family to open a restaurant for like 9 years now.

Anyone want to go on it with me? Requirements: you have to be a genius so that we can make $$$.

I would love too! I can't sing.. so it would have to be a talking scene!