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Deep Cleaning checklist

Spring Deep Cleaning Checklist

Just In case I have some free time: not all natural products, but a great resource for getting some seasonal deep cleaning done

Use this spring cleaning guide to keep everything in your house clean and fresh.

How Often You Should Clean Everything

Use this super handy checklist to help you stay on top of how often you should bust out your cleaners and get to work — but there are a few exceptions to keep in mind.


Declutter before Christmas! 60 Things to Toss Out in the Next 60 Days on Monogrammed Magnolias as a part of the challenge just in time for spring cleaning. Be sure to donate first if you can!


Printable Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Enjoy this FREE Printable Weekly Cleaning Schedule. Get organized and set a schedule with this daily and weekday schedule for cleaning your home.

Chores for kids

Are you looking for a chore chart that lists age appropriate chores for children? The Marysville Parenting Examiner happened across this particular age appropriate chore chart.