• Susan Maynard

    homemade peanut butter recipe to remember when i finally upgrade my food processor.

  • Heather Nygaard

    Homemade peanutbutter

  • Caitlin R

    All natural home made peanut butter - may have to see if our food processor is up to this recipe! :)

  • Meggy Polgar

    All Natural Peanut Butter (*I have to say that I like this! I took 14 oz roasted, unsalted pnuts and pureed them in my mini food processor for about 5 min each- had to do two batches. It is a tiny bit gritty, (but not bad, just not creamy completely) so if you have textural issues, it may not be for you. But it is SOOO pnutty and has no salt, sugar or added oil. Hit for me.)

  • Briana Hood


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Looks simple and yummy.