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target i hate and love you all at the same time

Coffee mug I love you more than coffee. by ChantillyStay on Etsy

this is me almost every night. LOL

all too true. except replace "internet" with "pinterest"

Yup. I call it my sad gallop......but at least I get my jiggly ass out there and do it!!!!

I wish a company would be like "Hey Asia we'll pay you to pin for us" that would make my life right now. Somebody have pity on a college student who is tired of relying on her parents

Love that Kat Kitson saw this and thought of me :) So much truth.

Twitter / funhomethings: Lol! True. #funny #someecards ...

First, it's the laptop. After that, it's the iPad, then the iPod. This is my hubby and I... almost every night!

I don't want to be an adult anymore...

lol I do this while screaming NOOOOO sad puppy commercial!!!!