• Mary Monaco

    how to cut glass bottles with yarn, nail polish remover, a lighter and the bottles. now i can make those fun wine bottle lanterns :)

  • Mischandra.com

    Easy way to cut up some Glass Bottles! Wrap the bottle with string where you want it cut. Take off the string and soak it in nail polish remover. Then put it back on the bottle and set it on fire. While on fire, rotate the bottle for about 30 seconds. Dunk it in COLD water and watch it separate. Sand the edges down for safety You can do this with beer bottles, wine bottles, etc http://myfridgefood.tumblr.com/post/51521954380/1-wrap-the-cotton-yarn-around-your-bottle-5-6

  • Michael Antonio

    DIY Corona Glasses - Materials: glass bottles yarn nail polish remover lighter sink full of ice water sandpaper

  • Stacy Tucker Maguire

    Going to try this on wine bottles. Glasses out of beer bottles!- and all you need is string, nail polish remover, a lighter and the bottles!

  • Adrienne Lilley

    Glasses out of beer/wine bottles!- and all you need is string, nail polish remover, a lighter and the bottles! I want to learn how to cut bottles.

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