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Beautiful day to be an oil CEO, bad day to be a duck ... How, exactly, do you clean an oil-slicked, angry goose? This may become useful information in the next few years.

These three little mandarin ducks sure can brighten up any day! (photo: Alan Shapiro)

I for reals just want to hold a baby duck. And I don't think that's too much to ask.

Every spring it is the same. My rough and tumble son’s face will soften and he will fall in love all over again with small fluffy yellow thing with a beak or bill. The birds seem to do the same, the boy becomes “Mama Joe” and they will follow him anywhere.

Oh my goodness... YEARS ago I remember playing some game at the Kern Co. FAir in Bakersfield, CA, and I WON.. a baby duck! I was so excited!! I don't know if my parents were, but they let me keep it :)

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ducklings enjoying Spring!