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    Native American Indian Dog

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    Native American Indian Dog

    Native American Indian Dog

    American Indian Museum

    *Beautiful...American Indians

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    American Indian Dog by Bisig Wedding & Portrait Photography, via Flickr

    Native American Indian Dog HYPO-ALLERGENIC can u believe pretty

    American Indian Dog No, it’s not a wolf, and it’s not a coyote; it’s an American Indian dog. These working companion animals were almost lost to history after our American Indians were segregated onto reservations, and often left without the resources necessary to maintain the ancient breed. There is now growing interest in restoring the old lines of these beautiful canines.

    Native American Indian Dog


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    "Rare White Buffalo - Sacred to Native Americans "A terrible wind blew across the prairie when the last buffalo fell It was a death wind for my people." -Chief Sitting Bull"

    American Eskimo Dog

    according to a Native American myth, dogs with different colored eyes can see both heaven and earth.

    American tree sparrow

    I had no idea how many dogs looked similar... left to right, top to bottom: 1. American Bulldog 2. American Allaunt 3. Alapha Blue Blood Bulldog 4. Dogo Argentino 5. Presa Canario 6. Ca do Bou 7. American Pit Bull Terrier 8. Cane Corso 9. Boxer 10. American Bandogge 11. Olde English Bulldog 12. American Bully. BSL is not a solution, it is a problem...

    American Kestrel Falcon

    Cute little American Eskimo puppy.