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The Cleveland Institute of Art, Department Head: Glass, Brent Young discusses his passion and career in glass artistry.

This is so pretty that I can't stop looking at it. It's a sculpture by Brent Kee Young, a faculty member at the Cleveland Institute of Art. You can see his work here:

Expert Bruce Gray discusses his career path to becoming a successful metal working sculptor. Check out his blog at as well.

from Society6

Artist Interview: Stefano Ronchi

Although Italian artist Stefano Ronchi prefers seclusion, we crack open the shell and discuss the details behind his surrealistic work. Read the full interview on the S6 Blog

from Society6

Artist Interview: Alejandro Giraldo

In addition to discussing the early 90's in Medellín, we touch on the growing art scene down there, what it takes to build your own clothing line and what all the best clients have in common. Don't miss this one.