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  • Chelsea Anne
    Chelsea Anne • 2 years ago

    So sad...this is my future... :-p

  • Amanda Perera
    Amanda Perera • 2 years ago

    lol, i love this.

  • Floating Bubble
    Floating Bubble • 2 years ago

    My man got me into videogaming. He's never been a hardcore addict though. Playing videogames is a really chill, fun way to bond and relax after we put our son down to bed at night. It's unfortunate so many women are closed-minded about it. Instead of making it be about his lack of attention to you, let it be an opportunity to grow with him. My obsession is endurance (marathon) running and he's slowly getting into that with me. We are an athletic gaming couple. We may be the only ones out there. We are happy, young at heart, and plan to stay that way many years down the road. If you try to control your man and enforce a no videogame policy because you're jealous, it will only drive him away. Moderation and respect for each other is key.

  • Taylor Bernardo
    Taylor Bernardo • 2 years ago


  • Ashly George
    Ashly George • 2 years ago

    Agreed Soki! And @ Angie...I'm sure the wife picked this out! I love this...really funny.

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