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    • Chinelle Thomas

      Hypercolor shirts! I loved mine! I tried to explain them to a friend and she didn't know what I was talking about! haha! 80s <3

    • Kristy LeMay

      Hypercolor Shirts. These shirts would change color when heat was applied. I had one in middle school. It was purple/pink.

    • Paige Strom

      hypercolor t shirts - so cool!

    • Corie

      Hypercolor Shirts. 90s. Awesome.

    • Emil Devantie Brockdorff

      Remember This? Trip Down Memory Lane

    • Brian Ostrowski

      Hypercolor Shirts. These shirts would change color when heat was applied. If you had one of these, you couldn't go out in public without someone putting their hands all over you, just to see how the shirt worked. (With all the hand prints on the shirt, all you needed was someone to write "Help Me", and you'd look like that crime scene from the movie Seven.)

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    Love the 80's...Dancing to Wham in my Hyper Color shirt was the bomb!

    mum paid a LOT of money for my hyper coloured shirt which was really just a crap t-shirt after the first wash :) But you weren't cool unless you had one

    New Kids on the Block White 1990's Shirt Top by RetroFascination, $23.00/// I had this EXACT same shirt

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    Trix Color Changing Spoon - I totally had one of these as a kid!

    So remember wearing these and having to call my mom or dad to constantly tie the straps.

    Cross Colors--clothing started in the late 80's but most popular in the early 90's.

    OMG! remember these? I had a billion of them to wear with my slouch socks, stirup pants, Keds, and an oversized Button My Fly T-Shirt....FLASHBACK

    Vintage 1980s Shirt Tales Night Gown. I had Pammie The Panda...the shirt the stuffed animal

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    I had several of these, my first one was light blue only because it was the only one left in the store small enough for me. LOL

    These ARE what made the 80's for me. I LOVED the Shirt Tales - and so many people don't remember them