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Awwww I remember this print from a magazine! But I mostly remember it because my baby sister recreated it on canvas with oil paints and it turned out beautifully! It was one of her first paintings too, I think it may have even been back in high school!

This is us (Zoë and Chloë!!) when we were little children. We had the same bathingsuits! Isn't that adorable!!

Joy, Creative Urge

In the present moment of happiness and laughter, the daily utilitarian chatter disappears. Creative urge allows the thoughts to expand in imagination: thinking in pictures forms. A popular term nowadays is visualization. (Photo by unknown artist)

This reminds me of my kids. They r at the stage where they love each other a whole lot. I try to encourage this and tell them they're each others friends & on 'the same team'. I love seeing them as confidants to each other.