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Constitution Week

by Michelle
September 17 - 23 is Constitution Week. Time to begin making plans. Here are a few resources I found: Schoolhouse Rock has a quick video that gives good information. (click) This site has lessons for all grade levels: (click) This site is for upper-grade classes. There are also some social studies g...

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FREE printable for Constitution week. Link to schoolhouse rocks preamble video

The Preamble to the U.S. Constitution. School House Rock (I still cannot say the Preamble without singing it). Thanks School House Rock!

Schoolhouse Rock preamble to the Constitution. After 35 years, I still can't get this out of my head. I do remember in law school, I had to memorize the preamble, and I did it to this tune. I am sure that you all have had the same problem. Burned into the memory.

School House Rock - Preamble (America Rock). September 17 is Constitution Day!

Learning by music and rhyme! Almost every child in the 70's, 80's and into the 90's learned math, English and of course history from Schoolhouse Rock! #jamesmadisonhighschool

Happy Constitution Week! 7 picture books to teach kids about the U.S. Constitution.

1976. This song teaches about the opening to the United States Constitution, with its preamble set to music. When writing this song, they had to remove a small section of the preamble to make the song rhyme. This song was voted the 6th best song on the 30th anniversary edition. Sung by Essra Mohawk. Written by Bob Dorough, Tom Yohe.

Ten minute guide to the Constitution could be used as intro to lesson. Students could work with partner/group to find out info and then jigsaw with members of class.

Poster: Preamble to the Constitution

Social Studies and Writing Idea -- do with constitution

Creating a classroom bill of rights can be very useful in the classroom. I