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Cotton Ball

Greenhouse Glove

Preschool Science

Glove Greenhouse

Glove Greenhouse

Parts Of Plant

Children Learning

Plants Classroom

Littlehandsbigplans Learning

Classroom Plants

Science Experiment

Seeds Sprouts

#littlehandsbigplans Learning about seeds, sprouts, parts of a plant. Science!

Planter Watch

Garden Activities For Kids

Grow Wheatgrass

Self Watering Planter

Water Bottle Planter

Kids Gardening

Plastic Water Bottles

Make a self watering planter. Watch seeds grow. Great activity for kids to learn about gardening.

Patties Classroom

Jack And The Beanstalk


Preschool Spring

Classroom Plants

Kindergarten Science


Laughing Kids Learnfrom Laughing Kids Learn

How to grow a carrot top

Carrot Plants

Plant Experiments For Kids

Carrot Top

Activities For Kids

How Plants Grow For Kids

Plants For Kids

Science Experiment

Growing Carrot

Plants Kids

How to grow a carrot top - introduction to growing for kids

Garden Poem

Life Cycle

Preschool Poems

Preschool Plants

Plant Lesson

Planting Poem

Plant Poems

Here's a sweet little planting poem freebie! I have other plant-themed craftivities, PowerPoint life cycle lessons and Spring Mind Maps at my shop you may also like for your plant unit! Graphics by My Cute Graphics and Scrappin Doodles Freebie offered under Scrappin Doodle license #TPT50174 J. Moriconi

Grade Science

Grow Beans

Life Cycle

Science Experiments

Cd Cases

Growing Beans

Bean Plants

Science Idea

Growing bean plants in CD cases so all the parts can be seen... science project.

Growing Cup

Greenhouse Growing

Diy Greenhouse

Preschool Plant

Mini Greenhouse

Preschool Gardening

Greenhouse growing Cups

Parts Of Plant

Plants For Kids

Teaching Plant

Plants Kids

Interactive Parts of the Plant for Plant and Flower Lessons at the Wyck Historic House, Garden and Farm. <3

Grade Spelling

Practice Spelling

Spelling Activity

Hands On Spelling Activities

Beans Spelling

1 Spelling

Alpha Beans Spelling Activity sharpie the alphabet onto dried butter beans and voila - spelling games galore!

Sod House

Fairy House

Science Experiment

Craft Ideas

Grow a grass house using sponges and grass seed.

Kids Activities Blogfrom Kids Activities Blog

10 Ways to Practice Writing Your Name

Preschool Learning Activities

Preschool Classroom Ideas

Writing Name

Preschool Teaching Ideas

Teaching Preschool Ideas

Preschool Name

Classroom Ideas Preschool

Teaching Preschoolers To Write

Kids Learning Activities

Writing your name – and writing it properly is quite the accomplishment for our kids. Writing their name and labeling things as “theirs” is a big deal to kiddos. Help give them the confidence early with some of these ideas!

Classroom Display

Dr. Seuss Craft

Kindergarten Graduation Idea

Preschool Graduation Theme

Dr. Seuss Bulletin Board

Kindergarten Graduation Craft

Dr Seuss Craft

Dr Seuss Bulletin Board

Dr Seuss Door

Oh the Places We Will Go... have fun talking about what students want to be when they are older, then make look like they are flying somewhere fun with a balloon. Great fine motor activity.

The Imagination Treefrom The Imagination Tree

Matching Alphabet Beans Literacy Game

Letter Recognition Game

Beans Literacy

Alphabet Beans

Learning Letters Preschool

Scrabble Tile

Kindergarten Learning Letters

Alphabet beans literacy activity. Note to self: Instead of beans uses something like Reeses with letters written on, then bake brownies over them. More fun and tasty.

Spring Flower

Preschool Spring

Eric Carle

Paper cup flowers. Great way to practice snipping with little ones.

Laughing Kids Learnfrom Laughing Kids Learn

Sensory Gloves for Babies and Toddlers

Sensory Gloves

Fun Idea

Gloves Filled

Laughing Kids

Toddlers Laughing

Sensory Fun

Toddler Sensory

sensory gloves.

Art Crafts

Caterpillar Literacy

Crafts Seeds

Grass Chiapet

Haircut Educateempowerkids

Caterpillars Preschool

Growing Plants With Kids

Arts & Crafts

Mix grass seed in with potting soil. Fill up a nylon. Tie into segments with string to make a 'caterpillar." Soak in water till saturated. Then let the kids spray it with water every day after and watch it grow. When the grass gets "too long" let the kids give it a "haircut."


Books & Activities that Explore Plants and Seeds

Kids Books

Kids Ready

Seeds Plants

Book Activities

Great Books

Plants Seeds

Hands-on activities and great books that teach kids about seeds and plants!