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  • Lisa Dutton

    Donate stuffed animals to the fire department - they take gently used toys and dolls to help comfort kids who have been in traumatic situations. (30 Random Acts of Kindness in 30 Days) Advent idea!???

  • Barbara Schwenk

    Donate a box of stuffed animals, beanie babies unopened mcdonalds toys to the local Fire Department. Check to see if they take them and if so donate them to help comfort children who have been in traumatic situations

  • Nadia Brady
    Nadia Brady • 2 years ago

    Most places in Australia will only take new plushies. Legally they're not allowed to take second hand ones. My nieces and nephews have heaps of lovely handmade toys because I used to work for a charity that didn't accept any plush toys at all, so when handmade donations came in, I'd grab them before they got to the bin. :(

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