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Join Star Trek's Star Fleet Academy to become an office on the USS Enterprise and explore the galaxy!

Starfleet Insignia: Evolution of the Star Trek Delta Shield Infographic. I'm the alternate universe one though it's science & medical. Bones and Spock wear the same insignia.

Star Trek TNG (on a side note, why does Dee constantly look like she's ready to cry throughout most of the first season? Exhibit A - this picture. Pull yourself together, woman!)

heart broke into a thousand pieces. where's McCoy...? HE AND SPOCK HAVE TRUE BROMANCE

1967 ... Enterprise shindig! You gotta love that color palette.

Star Trek facepalm. Did they plan this??

Explore the galaxy - Star Trek Print. $20.00, via Etsy.

Spock gets temporarily caught up with the feels. And everyone is like, "Hehe! Mr. Spock..."

STAR TREK. I've never seen this one before. I love the detail.