Laure de Noves, née en 1308, morte en 1348.

Surcoat and kirtle with wimple and kerchief. 14th century. Note the metal dress ornaments on the surcoat.

Heraldic dresses

15th century

Rosalie's Medieval Woman // a site about the 14th century woman (lifestyle, clothes, ect...)

beautiful kirtle 14th century Kind of a fun-looking hat, don't you think?

How to make a 14th Century medieval caul

Need to do something like this for outfits for myself and the Household. ALL the pieces, all from the same time period, all documentable.

14th century garb

Plantagenet (14th century): Horizontal Braiding, Gorget

Medieval Europe, 13th - early 14th century. THE MODE IN HATS AND HEADDRESSBy R. Turner Wilcox

Elizabethan period costume - corseted elizabethan-shaped bodice constructed in an elaborate brocade, embellished with further beading and faux fur. The main skirt was in a deep cream silk, opening at the front to show a brocade panel, enhanced with pearls.

Labyrinth (2012)

how to get my fabric to fall and fold like that??


Ca. 1867. Ribbons and bows and full skirt, oh my!

"Black and Royal Blue Tudor Gown with French Hood. 1540s"

Georgian national costume. Elegant deep blue dress. Surcoat? Very flattering design.

1861, French, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ensemble: ca. 1650, Italian (probably).