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Carnevale by likamccuntz, via Flickr Carnival / Carnivale / Mardi Gras Mask

Mardi Gras Mask by iwinatcookie, via Flickr do these myself in different colors would be perfect

Mardi Gras Centerpiece Mask. -- It would be awesome to make this for New Years Eve!

Venetian mask with pearl necklace - In its heyday the Republic of Venice enjoyed wealth upon wealth. Venetian masks were originally used to hide identities when conducting business as some people in the market economy sought anonymity. Masks were worn by all from servants to the noblemen creating a level playing field doing away with social class. With time however, people began to abuse this new social norm where decadence, sexual promiscuity (even the nuns and monks engaged in such acts) and gambling became the norm. As society corroded, eventually the masks were worn only for certain periods of time, up until recent years where it is now only worn in the week long Mardi Gras celebration of the Venice Carnival. In this piece the mask is accompanied with a matching pearl necklace and blue sapphire.

A mask I made for Mardi Gras for a client...Allison Stout

Leather muse mask - for under milady's femme fatale huntsman hooded cowl maybe.

Pretty, Don't know where they have these wonderful Carnivals, but the dressing is magnificent....So say Italy and some say Mardi Gras......

costumes ~ eye mask ~ crochet ? (lift the trim outward) L:

Blythe with adorable orange hair