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Some things just make you laugh...and you have to, or you will go nuts from how ridiculous things can be...or how much BS you hear every day...shake your head and just laugh!

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Top 25 des Minions relookés, les vraies stars de Moi Moche et Méchant

Minion Monroe

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Despicable Me Presents: Minion Madness

Watch Your Favorite Minions In Minion Madness.. #Minions


I wish I meant something to you…

A little humor at the Narcissist's expense. ;) I wish you WOULD get out of my life and Shut Up!

When boyfriends do their girlfriends’ makeup. Guys should never complain about girls taking long again… I laughed way to hard at this.



Psychology humor :) i totally get it!


Wanna see?