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    21 Habits Of Happy People. #orangecountyrealtor #luxury #inspiration

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    I Love Happy People Images - Finding Love And Long Term Partner Relationship Compatibility - Find out more -

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So basic. So important! Could print this out (comes up about 1/4 page) and put in a writer's notebook.

Martin Seligman, the father of positive psychology, theorizes that while 60 percent of happiness is determined by our genetics and environment, the remaining 40 percent is up to us.

10 Ways To Restore Energy When Youre Exhausted Or Burned Out

The Ten Habits of Passionate People - "We are creatures of habits. Our human nature always looks for ways to create patterns and do things on autopilot. Habits are what differentiate successful people from others. The habits that you’ve developed in the LOST phase – where you used to wander aimlessly without a clear passion or purpose – won’t help you build a life of passion. That’s why you need to develop a new set of habits to serve you in your newly passionate pursuit."

The best way to live, and the best way to influence others! via all things girly and beautiful |

Here's to rainy day friends. The ones who love you FOR REAL no matter what, why, whom, where, when or how.

Are you truly happy? Find out in this guest post on The 11 Habits of Happy People - for more guest blog posts on mental health and happiness visit

Habits are a double-edged human habitual practice—they can be healthy and unhealthy, and can bring us happiness and unhappiness. We’ve all read about the importance of healthy and successful habits, and how to choose and practice them. But I’ve also recently read about how healthy and successful habits alone don’t necessarily lead to good health or real success. There’s more to it. (Video) Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Advice On Becoming Great

Being a happier person will rub off onto friends, coworkers, and family! To be a happier person try the Placebo Challenge today!