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Put jello in straws and make WORMS!!


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Mummy Dogs Halloween Recipe (Click Image for directions)

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Halloween Bones - pretzel with marshmallows covered in white chocolate

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Mummy Jars


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Cute Halloween party idea.

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Dang that's cute!!

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Halloween Witches Broom Sticks ~ fun and easy... made with string cheese & pretzel sticks. Great healthy treat! #Halloween #recipes


How to make Jelly Worms…


Food Network/Trisha

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Cool Halloween food|good prank for april fools: Holiday, Jelly Worms, Recipe, Jello Worms, Food, Jellyworms, Kids, Party Ideas, Halloween

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I definitely call this Dirt n Worms not Mud and Worms but either way, favorite snack for school or any time

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Jello Aquarium.... what a fun treat for kids!

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Fun halloween food ideas for kids

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brownie base with dipped pretzels and a marshmallow head

Firecrackers Recipe

How To Make Firecrackers

Adult Version


Jell O

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Yanko Design



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Don T

Edible Jello Cups- Makes me think of Willy Wonka :)

Make and Takesfrom Make and Takes

See Under the Sea with Create-Celebrate-Explore

550 319

Treats Blue

Whip Topped

Jello Sea

Blue Jello Shots

Summer Jello Shots

Under The Sea Jello Cups

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Jello Cups With Fish

Under the sea party treats blue jello, with cool whip topped with crushed graham crackers to make a beach! SO CUTE

CraftRiverfrom CraftRiver

40 Halloween Party Food Ideas for Kids

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Jello Red

Party Idea's ~ Worm Jello,use different color Jello,red,orange,yellow ect...