6th grade survivor

So very true!

Keep Calm Collection - Think Before You Speak, motivational classroom poster (http://www.keepcalmcollection.com/think-before-you-speak-motivational-classroom-poster/)

Decoration & Organization for the High School Classroom


30 Inspirational Quotes from Fictional Teachers and Mentors - Playgroundequipment.com - Infographic

“I don’t get it!” ~student “Did you read the directions?” ~teacher “No. But it is still confusing!” ~student | Community Post: 10 Problems Only Teachers Will Understand

THANK YOU. Middle school and even high school appropriate classroom management ideas that are practical, useful, and boost economy of effort for teachers and students. Oh, joy, finally a resource that calls my name! So many excellent ideas for a professional, mature yet functioning, fun, and learning-filled classroom!

to the students


Definitely not passive aggressive teacher at all

A room full of teenagers 5 days a week? Many may run in horror but not high school teachers :)

Classroom Posters available for download I Teach. by Krissy.Venosdale, via Flickr

Sad, but true.

this lesson plan is SERIOUSLY AMAZING. what a great way to get kids beyond the "drama." | YourKids Teacher: Erasing Meanness

Love this so much. So true!

so so soooooo true!!!

A teacher's work is never done

Oh my....THAT is a GOOD one!!! So TRUE!!!