This is why I love dogs so funny!

This dog is patiently waiting for the school bus... Watch what he does when it arrives!!

Oh. My. Goodness. This is funny!!!

so funny. #youtube #animals #cute #dogs

This is so sweet! I want a dog! A dog hug is awesome.


i love these giant pups, a great pyrenees, so precious

Kids and their dogs...too adorable!

The Story of Patrick...absolutely heartbreaking! It would be HARD not to KILL someone!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYY??? A defenseless animal that only wants your love!!! TY to all the animal care-givers who worked SO hard and gave so much love and compassion!! I just CANNOT believe someone could do this and I hope they pay!

Why, dog!?

Just a few reasons to own a dog...

Monocle Puppy!

omg I almost cried!! I love my dogs so much ♡

Animals laughing. So much joy in this picture.

Why dogs are awesome


So cute! Love it!

Forgot how to Dog-too many of these made me think of my boys!! LOL