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  • Cindy Pfoutz

    Wolf Cub And Lion Cub


    Despite being smaller, this rare white tiger seems to be lording it over his wolf chum. As the cubs get older they will have to be separated. Animal experts in the South Carolina sanctuary decided to place the two friends together to better aid their interaction with humans. They bond so well and have become very used to one another. The wolf is bolder than the tiger at the moment, nibbling ears and playing a bit rougher, but that will change as the tiger grows older and larger.

  • bila bee bacon

    white wolf pup with a baby white Siberian tiger

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En Myrtle Beach, en Carlolina del Sur, los cachorros (un lobo y un tigre), son felices jugando;pero sería una historia diferente en la naturaleza.

☀Mexican Wolf pup. by palmerb16 on Flickr*

Wolf Pup Innocent...but the public will soon cry guilty when he is an adult...yet no wrong doing will be his...just because of what he is.

My two pets, Umbra and Hikari. Mom doesn't love them, she says that they are dangerous and blah blah blah

How cute?! I know it's a wolf but still!They are an interesting animal that is missUNDERstood for hurting people.NOTICE that it is in their nature they don't mean to it's just an instinct like protecting yourself from poachers or something!(: #LOVEWOLFS

Wolf pup probally the cutest thing i have ever seen.. Check it out, he has his stance perfect

Wolf Pup Looking up to Jusus