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  • MaDuh Farias

    Langur monkeys. (Order: Primates)

  • татьяна криницына

    Mother Day The Beauty Of Motherhood In The Animal Kingdom Family Holiday

  • ✿ Patty ✿

    ginger baby

  • Traci Gillies

    This baby is a female Francois' Langur Monkey. She is the 17th of her kind to be born at the San Francisco Zoo since 1985. Only around 2000 remain in the wild. Parenting duties are shared amongst females in the Langur group. This gives mom a break and allows the infant's aunts and sisters to gain valuable mothering experience. The baby will remain orange and black for the next three to sixth months.

  • skep

    langur monkeys... Red headed step child perhaps?? ;)

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