Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik - Iceland

blue lagoon geothermal spa. grindavík, iceland.

The Top 10 Things To See In Iceland! The Crystal Caves in Iceland are a definite MUST see! Read more about Iceland on

Waterfall of Gods, Iceland

✮ Blue Lake, Kandersteg, Switzerland. That is beautiful... :-)

Navagio Beach - Zakynthos, Greece

Cascadas de Agua Azul | Palenque | Mexico

The Blue Moon Valley, Lijiang China

Lagoon in Lau Archipelago, Fiji

Great Blue Hole, Belize

WILL go here before I die. Blue springs in Iceland.

Big Lagoon - Palawan, Philippines

Black Beach, Iceland


Dusk, Riomaggiore, Italy

you can never have too many vacations... Wish I was here!