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  • Wined Meléndez

    "The eye of Ra, also known as the eye of Horus. symbol of protection and royal power"

  • E Varick Wettlaufer

    This well-known Egyptian symbol is actually an early math problem Chances are you've seen this symbol before, because it's one of the most well-known Egyptian symbols. It's called the Eye of Horus. It's been in the background of plenty of mummy movies, and been turned into a lot of necklace charms. Some people think it's writing. Actually, it's math.

  • Egypt Travel Market

    Huros, God of protection in Ancient Egypt

  • Myranda Musfelt

    Egyptian Tattoo Designs

  • Wayne Tully

    Egyptian art. Lovely!

  • Bruce Russell

    This well known egyptian symbol is actually an early math problem. Thanks @io9! #whoa #learningandsharing #math #AncientEgypt #hieroglyphics

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This well-known Egyptian symbol is actually an early math problem. It express fractions of volume. The inner corner of the eye indicates one half, the iris is one fourth, the eyebrow is one eighth, the outer corner of the eye is one sixteenth, and so on. It can be used to tally amounts quickly.

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