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Reporting Sexual Harassment in SF/F (Conventions), 2013 Edition I first put together this resource list in 2010. I intend to keep updating and reposting it every year until it’s no longer necessary.///also: Reporting Harassment at a Convention: A First-Person How To "My friend Elise Matthesen was creeped upon at a recent convention by someone of some influence in the genre"

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The Character Most Writers Get Wrong (And How to Fix It

Here's an incredible tool for writers. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality tool that savvy writers use to create deeply complex and startlingly realistic characters. Yes, it’s a...

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"Only yesterday The New YorkTimes published a column about “pro-life feminism,” in which a man sympathetic tothe anti-human rights movement bringing you comparisons of pregnant women to farm animals, bills suggesting that women raped who have abortions be prosecuted for “tampering with evidence” and men-only congressional panels comparing the availability of birth control to choosing a place to go for lunch – a man sympathetic to all of that suggested that feminism be reformed.I beg your…

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Minimalist Posters Celebrating Six Pioneering Women in Science

I'm only a casual science nerd & I want these. I think @Gracia Gomez-Cortazar Simrall NEEDS these... Minimalist Posters Celebrating Six Pioneering Women in Science | Brain Pickings