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  • Kelsey Solorzano

    Like this quote even though my heart hasn't been broken hopefully it inspires you

  • Dawn Merrill

    :) This is so true. I try to remeber this in my life. It makes life easier

  • Kori Wilkerson

    I am often told that I'm never seen without a smile on my I really hope I can live by this quote for the rest of my life :)

  • Crystal Grand

    Gotta keep smiling

  • Kayla Correia

    I want to be remembered as the girl who always smiles even when her heart is broken, and the one that could always brighten up your day, even if she couldn't brighten her own. I want to be that girl. #Quote

  • Brooke Whitworth

    Literally my goal in life, everyday

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I may not be perfect but I'm always me - eu posso não ser perfeita, mas eu sou sempre eu mesma

Because now I remember who "me" was, is, and will be.

Right now it is bitter sweet! I have never needed to be with another like I long and yearn to be with you! I love you!

I love the part where it says "eating seedless grapes" - so random. But story of my life. It would have to say though "eating rock hard seedless red grapes only"

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I am happy to see others happy and smile.I am especially happy to see my family and friends and strangers, smile it makes me smile. #GIVEsight

For me, personally, this could not have been better said. No matter how much time has passed, no matter the circumstances, YOU will forever have a special place in my heart. ALWAYS. There's not 1 day that goes by that I don't think of you in some way or another. After all, you never forget or stop loving your forever love. I know I never will, even if I wanted to.

Better to be the one who smiled, than the one who didn't smile back...yes, I should remember this!

You sound a little down :l How about you come out to town I can sneak out for a while So please put on your beautiful smile