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  • Teta D

    PLEASE RePin! How to report Animal cruelty you see on the Internet, by Click on image to see information on PETA's website

  • Ana Velez

    Action Alerts | PLEASE SHARE!!! There are so many ways to HELP!!!! See petitions and action alerts on this page!!! AND send it to your friends!!!!

  • Rosanna Bella

    Tell FDA: No Animal Testing for Tobacco Products | Please click on link, sign and pass it on.

  • Didi French

    CLICK on picture to access Petition site."Ideal Poultry Breeding Farms", a company that sells and ships live birds, uses live baby chicks as packing material! According to complainants and Ideal Poultry's own website, male chicks are included as filler in live shipments so that the birds who were ordered can be kept warm during transit. Sadly, many of these filler chicks reportedly arrive dead or die within hours of arrival.

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Support cruelty free companies and their products. SPREAD THE WORD AND REPIN! CHECK PETA's website for which companies are CURRENTLY cruelty-free.

If this is true. This is very disturbing I will have to start checking my makeup. I have two cats and this just breaks my heart.

CDC - Monkey with bandaged arms Leaked Photos: Sick Monkeys Scorched Under Heating Lamps. PETA's Blog | PETA

Facts about animal testing. We can now artificially make pieces of human tissue using 3d printing or stem cells, and they are better for testing than animals. There is no need to do this.

Laboratory torture mavens, fucking twists getting paid to carve Animals up while they are writhing in agony. They pour acid in the eyes of Dogs, and much, much worse. These humans are EXACTLY the same personality types, the SAME humans as those who ran the Nazi death-camps. Research and science has PROVEN this fact. "I'm just doing my job," is the twisted mantra they chant while in truth, they fucking ENJOY torturing them. And they would "experiment" on humans if they could get away with it.

Very useful to know. The sad thing is that these are definitely not all...

It's not just 'a little fur trim' .... Natalie Imbruglia supports the efforts of PETA.

This happens every second of every day all over the world to thousands of animals. WHY!!! Truly Despicable

YES. Everyone should read the list of the companies that test on animals.