Loki has more fangirls than Thor :)

Aw, Thor helpin Loki out a bit

lol I love Thor and Loki

Hipster Thor and Loki


Teen Thor and Loki

Steve looks so done with the avengers right now.

This is so awesome..!!:D

Lilo and Loki. <3

THOR Loki's Name and Helmet Necklace can I have please

Thor and Loki

Thor and Loki

Soft Loki, Warm Loki by *JazzySatinDoll on deviantART

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When the Avengers give Spidey a haircut - as much as I loved this, I wish they would have included Loki's version of cutting hair...that would have been interesting

Thor's hammer- Loki, Hawkeye, Thor

Loki in Loki: the Dark World. With a few shots of Thor, who I suppose we have to give a little credit to as well. Either way, SO EXCITED

#Loki - beautiful drawing

true pain