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  • Lindsey Taber

    Ninja turtles. I never watched this show.. But this made me laugh :) so true.

  • Katelynn Peown

    Teenage mutant ninja turtles.. Turtles in a half shell.. Turtle power

  • Brittany Dawson


  • Sabrina Engbrecht

    Actually it was a bunch of college guys who were writing a paper and they were like "lets come up with the stupedest thing we can come up with" and this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was born! True story.

  • Brandie Reid

    Turtle power! I want to meet the man who saw a turtle and said, 'People will LOVE the ninja version of that.'

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OHMY!!! I literally burst out laughing. Not even joking. This is scary and this is funny. Oh man... her face... >:}

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LOL!!! With all the thought that went into that drawing, I'm sure she would love it! :D I definitely would...

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