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    • Mariana Libertad

      Before I die. #1 [ #Fashion #Bucketlist #Happiness ] did it before but I love it so much I wanna do it again!

    • Amy McDonald

      Dear Future Husband, Please have a secret photographer at our proposal. I would love to have pictures of our fairy tale moment. Dear Best Friends, Please make sure he knows this. <3...proposal photos

    • Meli Solares

      Every girl's must have in the bucket list.

    • Allison Burek

      The Notebook made every girl wanna do this!!

    • Katie Roberts

      #kissintherain #movies #romance #bucketlist

    • Kelly Pope

      Done - my first kiss was a kiss in the rain!

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    This is actually something I've wanted since I learned about that tradition when I was like seven ha. Go ahead, pin me as the hopeless romantic.

    Simple enough. I've even had a boyfriend for about 5 Christmas seasons and it still hasn't happened.

    this would probably not happen to me unless i swim with fake lips to kiss because i'm not into the real thing

    Kiss my love on the big screen at a game - KISS CAM! Haha. Seriously though I always wonder what happens if they put you on the kiss cam and you don't know the person next to you....

    Before ι Dιe: when I have kids, there are lots of bucket list things I want to do with them: bake cookies, dance on the bed, dance in the rain, paint on the wall in their bedroom

    living in florida this will be kind of hard, BUT i think ireland for winter? with a hot irish redhead boy? a certain one in particular that i know of? yeah. sounds just lovely. ♥

    Ryan left for a deployment before I was showing when I was pregnant with Abby, and came back after she was born :(

    Kiss under fireworks (Accomplished and we have a picture, which is one of my favorite pictures of us!)

    So romantic, but will never happen... Bill doesn't like ferris wheels... every year at the fair I try to talk him into going on it and so far, no such luck!

    um, yes please! just take me to the eiffel tower and i'll be happy :)