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  • Catherine T.

    Yin and Yang of world hunger -artwork by David Revoy

  • Dervin Sno

    Yin Yang of World Hunger – Digital Painting by Deevad Check out more information about the Yin Yang of World Hunger artwork by Deevad or find other inspiring illustrations on WE AND THE COLOR.

  • Srita K del Desierto

    Ilustración y concept art de DAVID REVOY.

  • Simonas Mačiulis

    Yin Yang of World Hunger. #Art #Illustration #Digital #Hunger #yin

  • Yvonne Conley

    9GAG - Yin Yang of World Hunger...make it go away, the image and the hunger

  • °•~*A*~•°

    °YinYang of World Hunger by Deevad

  • Marta Camilo

    Yin Yang of World Hunger A digital illustration by freelance 2D artist and illustrator Deevad that depicts the world hunger and the imbalance of human societies. via @WE AND THE COLOR

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Yin Yang of World Hunger. Took me a few times seeing, but when I really DID see it I realize how deep its message is.

My friend's son loves dragons, so we made him this. - Imgur

Art has been a part of the world for centuries and has changed in every way over the years. Art is used as a form of expression of ones feelings or ideas. Without art we would not have many of the great things we have today because one has to draw the idea in order to produce it into a product or finalized painting. Art is important to me because it allows me to see the wonderful things we can do with everyday objects.

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley - Print by Kevin Tong Illustration, via Flickr

At the molecular level, the quantum level, a shaman will change their energy field to interact with the energy field of living and non-living objects.

Hoe mannen en vrouwen shampoo kiezen. Difference between men and women. Verschil tussen mannen en vrouwen. Marketing