Kids with Asperger's and other autism spectrum disorders often try to make their world more predictable and coherent by being rigid. These cards are designed to increase their awareness of flexibility and its role in social interaction. Download them and cut them out.

I love this!!! great for Any age...seeing the still-frame of the problem, not the grand "motion picture" we turn things into

possible social skills lesson


Children with Asperger's and other autism spectrum disorders can get quite a lot of upsetting thoughts. Here are 50 pre-written thought bubbles that are easy to download, print and use (teachers, SLP's, anyone, not just therapists). Make a quick CBT, hands-on matching game or add a visual dimension to your work.

Children with Asperger's and other autism spectrum disorders can get stuck in conversation patterns involving "lectures" and "monologues." These easy-to-print cards feature the eight "valid" forms of reciprocal conversation. There are also eight simple explanation cards (not shown in the picture). For about age 8 and up. This was pinned by . Follow all our boards. Tags: Asperger's, autism, teaching social skills, conversation, SLP.

Helping teen boys with high functioning autism to relate to girls: Card game activity and social skills teaching materials

stop, think, choose for impulsive kids

the components of autism

Empowered By THEM: Social Skills - Friends

Behavioral Interventions--For Kids!: Wheel of choices

disorders- diagnoses in children

Good infographic for understanding attachment theory

Minecraft Incredible 5 Point Scale helps kids regulate. Great for kids with Autism, ADHD, and SPD. Updated - Includes and Excel file for customization.


List of social skills along with specific strategies for teaching those skills

Social Skills I Did it by @Lynne {Papermash} Kenney

Great Autism Resources, Free Downloads & Printables

Autism Spectrum Disorders

faulty thinking

Autism ~ Teaching Positive Behaviors in the Classroom! One of the Best Selling Items In My Store!